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A Crisis Core fansite, complete with an active RP forum.
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 General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules

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Angeal Hewley
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Angeal Hewley

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General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules   General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules EmptyMon Sep 19, 2011 5:09 pm


1. Be polite and respectful
There is absolutely no excuse for poor behavior towards one another. Don’t try to stir up trouble with other members or staff – you will be punished, possibly banned depending on the level of disturbance. If you have an issue with another member, bring it up with a Moderator, and if you have an issue with a Moderator bring it up with the Administrative staff. PLEASE NOTE. None of this should be done publicly. Handle everything with the discretion of PMs.

2. Watch your language
Swearing is not permitted outside of RP, and likewise for racist, sexist or other derogatory commentary. Punishment will readily be given to offenders, and depending on severity and frequency, you may be banned.

3.Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are important!
Proofread everything and avoid chat, text or "l33t" speak. NOTE: While we understand English may not be your mother tongue, do your best as English is the language of the board, and what we expect to see used in posts. The staff, as it stands, is not multilingual, and moderating is hard enough with your own language.

4. No spamming or trolling
If you have something of substance to say, that’s one thing, but don’t mindlessly spam the forum with nonsense. Also, don’t troll the forums and don’t encourage or confront anyone who is. Report them with a copy and link to the message and even a screen shot of the event.


1. Stick to the plot, and stay In Character!
No matter how much you know about Crisis Core or the inside plot of Revolution, your character has limited knowledge, and when you RP them, you must remember that they do not know everything, nor can they do everything.

2. Keep real to your stats
Your character is not perfect and hardly infallible. They will make mistakes and they can die. It is advisable to carry a phoenix charm, down or pinion, or a revive and travel in pairs so someone can use it on you. Godmodding/Power playing will not be tolerated!

3. Further notes about Godmodding:
You cannot roleplay another characters thoughts, emotions, or actions without explicit permission from the character’s owner. Not only is this offensive, but it ruins the RP.

4. RP Post Style
Posts should be written third person, past tense with limited perspective, using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation with the only exceptions being for dialogue, though it is preferred that your character not have too strange an accent as to be unable to be easily understood.

5. RP post length
All posts must meet a minimum of four sentences. These do not have to be long sentences but they need to have substance. If you’re stuck, try going into your character’s thoughts and motivations at that moment, reflect on their situation, or describe the scene.

6. Violence and romance are allowed – within reason.
Violence, in particular, is bound to happen in this RP. But keep it non-explicit, gore free. There is no need for graphic violence here and Moderators and Admins will be on watch for it. As for romance, absolutely no sex in ANY form is allowed by Forumotion. So keep the romance light.

7. Character limits
Only one fighting character will be permitted per account. This includes but is not limited to: SOLDIERs, Turks, Army, Mercenaries, Wutai warriors. Beyond that, you are allowed as many civilian characters as you prove yourself capable of handling actively. Also, CANON CHARACTERS ARE RESTRICTED TO STAFF! You will be playing an original character of your own creation, approved by the staff before you’re let loose to play in the locales.

8. RP Presence
No character, canon or otherwise, can be in more than one thread at a time any more than anyone else can be in more than one place in real life, though it is, of course, possible to have multiple characters in multiple threads. (This is accepted ONLY for the Shopgirl NPC.) This should not create boredom, as we aim to be a reasonably fast paced board - you are expected to check in weekly to post back on every thread you are involved in at a minimum. Going away for a bit? Fine. Real life happens, but leave a note in the “Comings and Goings” Forum as to your character’s whereabouts while you’re gone. This will be easier for civilians than Shinra employees, who will have classes, missions and meetings to attend, depending on rank. Keep your real life demands in mind when choosing a character to play!

9. Double posting
Please wait at least 24 hours before double posting. If you have another thought before anyone else replies, go ahead and add it on by editing your post.


See the guide, “Designing a Revolutionary Character!”


NO Derogatory remarks!
1. Absolutely no derogatory remarks about race, sex, religion, or any other kind of personal attack will be tolerated. Don’t think you can get away with bad behavior just because no mods seem to be on. The cbox can be viewed without signing in, and there is an archive of posts that will be reviewed regularly.

2. Don’t give out ANYONE’S private information!
Real life information, emails, or passwords should never cross the cbox.

3. No spamming or trolling
Message flooding will get you kicked from the cbox. Likewise, if you’re just there to make trouble, you will be kicked from the cbox, and issued a warning equal to the offense.

General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules Angeal1

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MIA General

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General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules   General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 4:52 am

Running and Joining an RP

To keep things neat and tidy, there's a few more guidelines to follow when actually creating an RP once you've got your character. First, are the RP types. Your RP should be listed in the format of RP Title - RP Type

Plot - RPs hosted and maintained by the Staff in order to forward the core plot. These RPs will be considered 'Private' and any post by unauthorized users will be removed. If you have a local character who could realistically be involved in the events of a Plot RP, send a message to the host of the RP in question.

Private - Closed RPs with a specific idea in mind with as few as two participants.

Open - RPs that are open for anyone to join, within reason. Ask the RP host for permission to join first.

History RPs - These are a little different, and require specific formatting and should be written as: RP Title - Month, Year - Private. These are for when you want to hash out some specific event or series of events that happened prior to the current timeline. Once such a thread is completed, ask the staff member responsible for your character's profile, and a citation link will be added to your character's History.

Once your RP is concluded, please ask an online moderator or higher to lock it for you.

General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules Sephiroth2i
Come and try.
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General Forum, RP and CBOX Rules
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