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 Experience Training Guide

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Experience Training Guide Empty
PostSubject: Experience Training Guide   Experience Training Guide EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 1:49 am

If you want to be a hero, you have to have dreams, and honor.

Of course, training helps... a lot. Especially if you want to level up your materia, or even your character! So, how does one go about it?

Glad you asked.

Aside from moderated battles, you can post - three times a day - in this forum, detailing a fight with one or more monsters, depending on your character's strength.

What you need to do to get EXP for the battle:
1. a link to your character's profile
2. a citation of what monster(s) you fought
3. a turn-format fight, detailing which attacks were used between your character, and the monster(s)

In the fight, you need to explain how you were effected. How much HP/MP did you lose before the battle ended? What items did you use, if any? The more detail you give, the more likely it is that your post will be approved, and you'll get EXP/AP credited to your profile.

1. Angeal's profile is found here.
2. Monster fought: Levrikon, in the Kalm region
3. Turns are as follows -
Turn 1: Angeal pulls out his SI broadsword, and slashes at the Levrikon, doing 103.47 damage. (this can be rounded to 103 for easier calculation) - reducing the Levrikon from 200 HP to 97 HP.
Turn 2: The Levrikon executes a Bird Kick, doing 39.39 damage (rounded to 39) - reducing Angeal from 33,778 HP to 33,789 HP.
Turn 3: Again, Angeal attacks with his broadsword for 103 damage, reducing the Levrikon from 96 HP to -7 HP - in other words, killing the Levrikon.
Turn 4: Angeal receives 65 EXP, and 7 AP!

NOTE: The formula to calculate your base damage is: Base Damage = ATK +[(ATK+LVL)/32] * [(ATK*LVL)/32]

Example: Angeal has an ATK of 12, plus his broadsword's ATK of 28 - equaling a total of 40 ATK - and is at LVL 25. Thus, the equation is: 40+ [(40+25)/32] * [(40*25)/32] = Base Damage = 103.47

Second Note: Co-Op EXP Bonus
- you don't have to fight alone!
80% Bonus to EXP if a fighting partner is 1/4 your level + your level higher than you.
120% Bonus to EXP if two fighting partners are 1/4 your level + your level higher than you.

Example: Angeal is lvl 25. In order to get an 80% bonus, he needs to have someone at level 31 or higher supervising him. This was achieved by the following equation: (25 * 1/4) + 25 = 31.

Experience Training Guide Angeal1

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Experience Training Guide
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