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 Azaroth - FIGHTING Character

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PostSubject: Azaroth - FIGHTING Character   Azaroth - FIGHTING Character EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 6:56 am

Name: Azaroth, Aza

Age: 19

Height: 5 feet, 8 inches

Weight: 160 pounds + 5% SOLDIER 3rd Class = Approx. 175 pounds.

Gender: Male

Town of Origin: Icicle Inn.

Appearance: Azaroth is rather slenderly built and willowy with well-developed muscles that are not too bulky in the way of a body-builder; evenly toned from years of snowboarding the Gaea's Cliffs. Azaroth is alabaster pale from being from the Northern Continent; his eyes are more squinted because of the sun reflecting off of the snow. Azaroth has aqua colored eyes, with a subtle hint of gold. He has his hair braided down the back and two braids that are smaller that frame his face; decorated with beads of both metal and wood a raven feather attached to his left braid. He wears a choker made of wooden beads with animals carved onto it. he wears the standard SOLDIER Uniform; the necklace is underneath the collar of his shirt; hidden from view.

Personality: Azaroth is awkward around people he doesn't know; and usually just smiles when he doesn't understand and shrug his shoulders. He tends to be quiet... shy but focuses when really needed and can be sullen and withdrawn when he gets a second to himself; homesickness has hit him hard; especially since the summers in Midgar are harsh on his barely acclimated body. He goes out of his way to help people even if they hurt him in the end. He's got a soft heart and doesn't like it when other people are preyed upon by the stronger. "The Strong prey on the weak" someone once told him. Sometimes his naive attitude towards the city can be a vice in the way that people take advantage of his kind behavior and cause him stress or steal things from him and not give them back. Sometimes Azaroth feels left out because he's so awkward... Azaroth is a nature-lover and prefers the fresh air of the North Continent compared to the polluted air of Midgar; he misses the stars and the smell of pine trees, the sounds of the various things that wandered around The Cliffs and catching live Chocobos by hand. He doesn't like it when people who are bigger and tougher; unless its for a reason; push around 'little' people (Aka women who are downtrodden), and hurting animals when they don't need to hunt them. He's personally against the Wutai War; but has no choice but to follow orders; he hates seeing Civilians hurt when peaceful negotiations could have been done. He hates not being able to speak any other language besides the native language outside of Wutai.. and wishes that he cold learn their language to make negotiations go a lot smoother... His personal beliefs are that unless you need to hunt for a living; animals should be left alone... and that elders are to be respected as well as authority figures above your station.

Affiliation: Shin-Ra.

Rank: SOLDIER 3rd Class (Just promoted)

Gil: Just under 200 gil. Standard SOLDIER Paycheck of 2000 gil every 3 weeks.

Equipped: Azaroth currently has a Level 2 Fire Materia equipped in a home-made bracer that was his fathers'. As for Weaponry: Azaroth has a standard Shin-Ra Broadsword but prefers to use the carved quarterstaff his grandfather had made for him before his passing. But whilst on missions; Azaroth does not bring it with him; since it has to be strengthened still; its just a piece of strong hardwood currently with 3 (Empty) Materia Slots. He has a Semi-Automatic 5 MM Handgun in case his broadsword is ineffective.

Inventory: Azaroth has carved from the wood of a Sacred Tree, an Ocarina and carved on it is the image of the Nibel Wolf. Intricate scrolling allows for his fingers to guide over the holes to play the melodies he heard from his youth. In his wallet there is a picture of his family; what's left of it all bundled in the snow, waving him goodbye - its slightly tear-stained. A block of wood that was going to be made into a toy for a villager who had a child and a carving knife in a leather case.

Bio: Born to a poor family just outside of the village of Icicle Inn itself; he would be raised by his father, his mother had been slain by Nibel Wolves when he was 5 years old; he saw his own mother - covered in blood and vowed vengeance when he was old enough to handle his fathers; rifle. It took him another 6 years until he was 11 years of age that he had hunted the pack that had slain his mother when she had been out looking for medicinal herbs for she was pregnant with another child and his father had gone to the village to get the needed supplies to handle another infant in the house. They made what money they could on selling wood and carvings and instruments. His grandfather; who had been a village Elder had passed away the night before he had gone out to hunt; giving him the family heirloom; an ocarina that had been made by his great, great, great, great, Grandfather when they had moved from Nibelheim when the Dragons who had roosted in Mount Nibel were bothered by some unknown phenomenon; had stirred - causing the mountain passes to be too dangerous. He kept that trinket in a little box that was put in a chest in his room.

Once he had eradicated the pack; he had heard of SOLDIER... in scornful voices from the man who lived in the big house in the village when he had been passing by that all the young men in the world were wanting to become like someone named 'General Sephiroth', to Azaroth; that name sounded like a sissy name; and shrugged off the words; forgetting them for a time being. But with his Grandfather passed away and his father getting older; Azaroth realized that he would either have to stay; or figure out if he could make it as a SOLDIER... he heard from the rumblings in the village; which had slowly become a resort - that SOLDIER payed well. He could make more money then chopping wood and carving things for Tourists; that's when the Wutai War had started; over a demand that Shin-Ra wanted; to build a Mako Reactor in Wutai; and how they resisted. Then AVALANCHE, and SOLDIER clashed in his hometown; though he was not there; and there were no reported casualties; he had gone too far to go back; not to mention; he left home without even saying goodbye; taking the heirloom with him and what Gil he had been saving up since hearing about the opportunities in Midgar.

Arriving in Midgar; he applied right away; having filled out the forms the night before he had arrived in Midgar; an encampment for new recruits just outside of the wastelands. it took hard struggles; but Azaroth made it; just barely to a 3rd Class SOLDIER. His heartbroken father passed away before Azaroth could even send home the money needed to pay for the medications his father needed; since doctors were extremely expensive; especially if they were Shin-Ras'.

Limit breaks:

Level 1:

Limit Break 1: Call Of the Moon ~ Because of the mythology passed done from Father, to son; and bathing in the blood of the slain Nibel Wolves; you have gained their minor strength. This Limit Break gives a 2% increase in a chance for a Critical. (Learned)

Special Abilities: This strange ability allows you for a short time (Approx 2,000 steps), to walk on top of snow as if you were walking on nothing but the earth. Once the 2,000th step is taken; though you sink back below the snow and have to catch your breath for 10 min. This ability was inheritance from your grandmothers' family who were said to be able to hear the Cries of the planet. Sometimes you hear soft whispers... begging and crying for help; though you don't know where its coming from.

RP Sample:

Azaroth let out a small grunt as he sat at his desk; twiddling his thumbs and hoping that the cadet who ran his papers from one desk to another; had remembered his coffee; it had been a long night and even longer for him now that he had to sit at his desk. Slowly, the SOLDIER drifted off, trying not to droop his eyes despite being enhanced to a little beyond human expectation; he still got tired - especially when his coffee; black was late. Startling awake as soon as his head had slid downwards; Azaroth let out another sigh; this one edged with being rather cranky; he wasn't done till 4:00pm and yet... the clock read only 8pm; he had been at work for only an hour... "Damn.." He cursed and sighed.

(This was done quickly because I had to go to bed. @.@; I'm sorry if it sucks)
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Azaroth - FIGHTING Character
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